Discover classes based on the concept of mindfulness, which integrate gentle, fluid and low-intensity but effective movements, with breathing techniques and different forms of concentration and attention. The mind-body connection helps you use your thoughts to positively influence your physical responses, decreasing stress. The result: improved focus, more strength and flexibility but, above all, mental clarity and a stress-free life.

Check out the programs included in the Mind Category below, and choose the class that suits you best.



Non Impact


Relaxation, muscle massage and toning – all checked in one workout. . Aquatic exercises are the best option if your goal is a full-body tone or faster recovery from injury.

Intensity Level: Beginner

Workout Type: Low impact, strength and flexibility

Strength & Flexibility

Body & Mind

Mindfulness practice or the total union between mind, body and spirit. This method requires no effort to control thoughts, but instead a state of restful alertness that allows a high degree of awareness of the body, breathing and emotions. As you practice in slow motion you’ll learn to still your mind, become aware of certain muscles and greatly expand your level of awareness.

Intensity Level: From beginner to advanced

Workout Type: Sstrength, flexibility, balance

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