Toning: Great moves you can do in the pool

Toning: Great moves you can do in the pool

Posted by World Class Serbia in Fitness & Aerobics, 26.09.2011

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The wonderful thing about water is that it gives you natural resistance with absolutely no impact to the joints. There are exercises you can do for every muscle group, and your risk of injury is extremely low. Anything that you do with dumbbells can be translated into a water exercise. If you already have a routine with free weights, you have a license to create your own water move that does the same thing.

Keep your weight distributed evenly and check your posture often. Keep your abdominals tucked in to support your back throughout every exercise. Don't bend, stretch or reach any further than you do on land. It takes time to grow accustomed to the gravitational difference in water, but as your experience grows, your body will become more in-tune with the water. Here are a few examples of modified free weight exercises:

For the quadriceps (front of the thighs), hamstrings and gluts: Stand with your feet hip-width apart in shallow water with your arms bent at your sides, hands out flat with fingers together and palms up. Slowly bend your knees into a squat position, sticking your derriere out behind you. Keeping your back neutral (not arched) and abs tucked in, exhale and stand up straight.

For hips and gluts: Facing the edge of the pool, hold on with both hands and slowly bring one leg out to your side, keeping your back straight. Exhale while you bring it up as high as you comfortably can without turning at the ankle Bring it back down and repeat, doing a full set for each leg.

For gluts: The scissoring motion is great for the buttocks and hamstrings, and it indirectly tones the abdominals.

For abs, you can simulate crunches, or here's a toughie: Stand with your back to the side of the pool, holding onto the rim with your elbows. Keeping your knees unbent, slowly bring both legs up to a sitting position and hold it for ten seconds. Do not hold your breath, though. Breath slowly throughout this exercise. Then bend at the knee to bring them down, repeating this as many times as you'd like to. Be careful to keep your back straight throughout this exercise.

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World Class Serbia

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