Summer diet

Summer diet

Posted by World Class Serbia in Nutrition, 13.06.2011

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Our nutrition specialist Ladislaus Kristof recommends you to follow a balanced diet in summer, to do sport and to moisturize.

A well hydrated body helps balance metabolism. An adequate fluid intake is equivalent to a proper body hydration. It also helps eliminate toxins and other metabolites. Replacing lost fluids during training is very important.

We do not recommend to drink low temperature liquids. Increased consumption of liquid at low temperature leads to constriction of blood vessels, which reduces heat loss. Possibly add some lemon in the water to give it a coolness sensation.

Soft drinks are not recommended because they contain sugar, preservatives and dyes. All this has an adverse effect on gastrointestinal health and damage the intestinal lining. Avoid coffee, alcohol, carbonated juices and those with a lot of sugar.Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, they offer some of its liquid. 

Reduce consumption of foods that increase the body temperature, such as spinach, pepper, grapefruit, mango and garlic. Instead, you can include in your diet watermelon, oranges, lettuce, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers.Avoid fried foods and fast food because they contain fat. Fatty and fried foods have as effect of increasing body temperature, and give you the feeling of slowness.

Reduce as much as possible the consumption of salt and spicy foods. Inorganic salt (the consumer) is digested and must be eliminated from the body. This leads to higher consumption of water (this is why you get thirsty every time you eat something salty). Also avoid foods with high sugar content, even honey and sugar give the body naturally through an adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables.Take at least 5-6 meals a day, breakfast is the most important. Eat foods rich in carbohydrates, in the morning, then eat foods with higher percentages of protein. 

Take meals, spaced 5-6 hours, and meals will be intermediate between 2 ½ - 3, from the main (not eat anything between meals except water or unsweetened tea).

Maintain an adequate level of hygiene! Keep your body temperature making 2 bathrooms daily at a moderate temperature.

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World Class Serbia

World Class Serbia



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