Strength trainings

Strength trainings

Posted by World Class Serbia in Fitness & Aerobics, 01.06.2011

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First it important to mention that strength training is the fastest and most effective way to get in shape.

If you are someone who is wondering whether you should start strength training or not, then I would like to say to you, start training today. We need strength in every aspect of our lives more or less. We need strength in order to be more effective in our lives. Strengthening our bodies can makes us work harder, play more, workout longer, and we can be more alive.  Strength training can prevent injuries. A wide variety of sports related or life related injuries can be prevented by strengthening muscles and joints. Stronger muscles improve our balance, which means more comfortable living & fewer falls or accidents. Participation in a consistent strength training program has a wide variety of health benefits including decreasing cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure.  No matter what your favorite sport or physical activity, with the proper strength training program, your performance can unquestionably be improved, and in some cases dramatically so. 

One of the best ways to heal many types of injuries is to strengthen muscles surrounding the injured area. The stronger your muscles, the quicker the healing process. As painful as strength training can sometimes feel, there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling after a good solid work-out. Stronger muscles and joints can have a dramatic impact on posture and leaner toned muscles tend to make everyone feel better about their appearance. This all leads to improved self esteem and increased self-confidence. The truth is that the older we get the more we need it. Strength training can make us age gracefully. Physical activity keeps us alive and vibrant. Strength training ensures we are strong enough to participate in aerobic activities, outdoor recreation, and sports. Strong seniors fall down less. If they do fall down, their stronger bodies are more resilient, are injured less by the fall, and are able to heal more quickly after an injury. 

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World Class Serbia

World Class Serbia



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Strength trainings

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