Stay happy and healthy through massage

Stay happy and healthy through massage

Posted by World Class Serbia in Lifestyle, 10.06.2011

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Carlos L'Abbate always enjoyed making other people feel good. Often friends and family would tell him that just by putting his hands on them, they felt better. A native of Argentina, he left Buenos Aires and went to the United States. A former school teacher, he spoke no English, and started to do massage for a living. After twenty years, he is a renown international certified massage therapist and an instructor of Yogilates, an exercise program that combines Yoga with Pilates. This year he joined the World Class Health Academy Downtown team.

How do you achieve your inner peace?

It is a beautiful question, and is probably the most important question in my life. And I am still learning. One answer I have so far is: enjoy your moments; enjoy your life, your body, the place where you live, the person you are with, the activity you are doing; enjoy all this in this precise moment, in this precise second. Make any effort you want to change or improve or modify your life, but this particular moment, this unique and precious second, enjoy it. This moment is your life. Or as John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

Why is massage good for our general well being?

There are many answers to this. I can tell you first the way this question is usually answered: Massage reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, induces better lymph movement, increases mobility and the range of motion of joints, stimulates and soothes the nervous system, enhances the skin condition, results in better digestion and intestinal function and of course relieves acute and chronic pain. These are all good answers, when massage is done on a regular basis, but it is possible to say all these in only three words: it reduces stress. Beside the specific medical massage that may be necessary for a very particular reason, I like to think of massage as a way to help a person to reduce the stress of his or her daily living, as a way to help to reconnect the person with his or her own body, as a way to bring a moment of peace, a moment of stillness, a moment of harmony. But to offer this is not always very easy. My experience here in Romania has been that what most men want is to have a very strong massage in order to relax those very tired muscles after they have been ‘killing’ themselves in the gym, while women want an anti-cellulite massage in order to look better. Of course these are very good reasons for a massage, but there is also much more to it. But it needs time; people need to connect back to their bodies, and it is not an easy thing to do.

To whom is massage good for?

Anybody that lives in a big city, or that feels some kind of stress, can benefit from a good massage.

How often do you recommend having a massage?

If you can afford it, you can have a massage every day! What I would recommend is to have a massage twice a week. But also once a week, or once every fifteen days, or once a month, or whatever you can do is always better than not having any.

What do you think ?

World Class Serbia

World Class Serbia



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