Maximum effect for a cardio workout

Maximum effect for a cardio workout

Posted by World Class Serbia in Fitness & Aerobics, 01.08.2011

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We believe you already know that the most effective thing you can do to burn calories and weight loss is cardio. Cardio have many more benefits such as strengthen the lungs and heart, increase bone density, reduce stress, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost confidence, you will sleep better and give you more energy.

Choose an activity you enjoy. The best exercise is that you do for fun. Walking is a great way to start, because it requires no special equipment and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. You can schedule a weekly walk with your family. You burn calories, you will find the latest news and help your child's health. You can become a faster and healthier runner combining types of training that you will strengthen your muscles.

Besides walking you can try cycling (indoor or outdoor), dance, step aerobics, pilates, swimming, etc.. Cycling is important complement to cardio. Two weekly sessions of strength training to complete every 15 minutes each will strengthen the muscles, making it less susceptible to injury. For greater flexibility, Pilates or yoga program is recommended.

Start with an activity of 2-3 days per week with 1 day of rest between them. Before any sendinte give 5-10 minutes of warming to gradually increase heart rate. The pace and intensity should be set to be slightly above the level of comfort. We advise you to start where you are right now, not where you want to be!

Finish each workout with cardio for a period of "cool down"  from exercise, do not stop suddenly. So give the possibility to cool the muscles and relax. Increase each week for training until you are able to do a full session of 30-45 minutes.

Listening to your favorit music during cardio training enhances their effect. A recent study shows that the rhythms, happy (such as Fergie, the White Stripes, Amy Winehouse, Shakira) lead to increased resistance up to 20%. And if you will promise yourself a nice reward at the end of training as a skim latte or you will set a clear purpose with additional benefits, increase the chances of success.

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World Class Serbia

World Class Serbia



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Maximum effect for a cardio workout

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