Our clients’ feedback is very important for us in order to improve our services each  and every day. Over the years we have been working to introduce the most current group fitness classes aimed at meeting the expectations and demands of our clients.

We present you some testimonials about the most loved classes and World Class concepts.


Jelisaveta Pasic about

»I never liked to exercise. I didn’t think it worked for me. My boyfriend and I decided to try the Body Pump session and for the first time. I have seen some results. I can actually do 10 pushups now. I could barely do one at the first class. I feel stronger now. Activities which used to be strenuous are now easier. Best of all, my clothes fit better«


Anastasija Adzovic about

»Pilates has really helped me with my weight and helped me to lose throughout my body. I feel toned and muscular in all the right places. Pilates is now a part of my weekly routine and I love it!«


Danko Jerotić about

»I really enjoy Group Fitness. It gives me a chance to relieve a little stress and get a great workout at the same time. These classes are for any person, of any age, in any stage of life.«


Radomir Jovanov about

»Over the past two years I have seen a noticable improvement in energy and overall health in my life as I have attended this class.«


Miloje Nisavic about

»Consistency and FUN have been my keys to success with Group Classes! The classes are constantly changing, so I'm never bored, and my body is ALWAYS challenged. I've lost weight, made some amazing friends and improved my overall health.«


Ljiljana Tomašev about

»I would recommend this class to anyone from a first-time student to a dedicated yogi. It has the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance but is taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, you hardly realize how hard you are working.«




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